Master Vent Program

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Improving Clinical Outcomes. Period.

Our special Master Vent Program (MVP) signature course(s) are specifically designed for

Management of Acutely Ventilated Patients Before and During Interfacility Transport. 

The "Core Course" is custom tailored for Critical Care Transport Teams that help them develop a global management approach for ventilated patients and provide the latest evidence-based medicine utilizing lung protective strategy.

Our "Optimized for Transport" is a customized version of our Core Curriculum specifically designed for Emergency Departments - especially Free-Standing ED's with no Respiratory Therapy backup.

"Optimized for Transport" helps the sending facility optimize the ventilated patient for the transport environment.

The 2-day "Core Course" and the 3-day "Ventilatory Management Boot Camp" has been approved not only by multiple state EMS offices for continuing education (CE) credit but also has been previously approved by the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) for CE credit (16 or 24 hours of CRCE).  Let us work with your Clinical Education Department to get the Nursing CEU's for your department!

Jurisdictional / 911 EMS agencies...

Recent articles in the trade journals tout the benefits of critical care education for field paramedics to improve their care and practice.  We offer an abbreviated 1-day workshop called "Critical Concepts for EMS" and take the best of the program that is customized for what you do everyday - identify and treat critical patients quickly and effectively


Getting the information is great, making it stick is the ultimate goal!

Our most important feature - WE MAKE IT SIMPLE!  We break down an incredibly complex topic down with simple analogies and examples to make it relevant to your experience and easy to understand.  We build Clinician Confidence to provide Clinical Excellence through Evidence-Based Practice!

Our standard packages come with the following:

  • 1-year of access to all of the lectures via online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Tons of tools, charts, and resources to make it easy for you!
    • (Think of it as your "length based resuscitation tape" for ventilated patients)
  • Set up of the program, integration of training with your existing protocols, and consultation with your physician medical director

In addition - we offer 1/2 day and full-day refresher classes that can be scheduled annually or semi-annually depending on your needs which automatically renews your LMS access for your staff for an additional year!.

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Testimonials from the Master Vent Program

Hear directly from our students' evaluations... (all evals on-file)

  • This class was very educational, informative and entertaining.  I learned a lot more than I ever expected.  The class informed me of settings and uses of the vent I never knew of or understood until this program.  David Miles was an exceptional instructor and was very knowledgeable about the material.  I feel more confident as a vent provider and more knowledgeable due to this class.  I enjoyed it greatly and I'm looking forward to more classes in the future.
  • I enjoyed the class tremendously.  I found the information to be extremely useful and it connected a lot of the different types of knowledge I had with ventilation into a useful and cohesive package. I found David's instructional style spot on with a good balance of information and techniques to project confidence.
  • This is by far the most useful, worthwhile class I have ever taken to improve the quality of my patient care! Loved the use of metaphors and analogies, the hands-on time with the equipment, and overall instruction (plus the resource materials and cheat sheets)! "Your teaching style is phenomenal!"
  • This was by far the best class at (agency) I've ever taken.  I learned more about vents and vent patients halfway through day 1 than I learned in a full critical care class last year.  This should be a mandatory class for all critical care paramedics.  The teacher was very knowledgeable and was able to explain complicated concepts in a way that everyone could understand.  I would take this class again if I could.
  • This was the best EMS class I have ever taken.  So much information in two days but it was presented in an easy to understand and digestable manner.  Every EMS provider who uses a ventilator should take this class.  It would be beneficial to ER physicians, RN's, and Techs as well.  I hope there will be a yearly refresher.  I feel so much better about my ability to properly manage vent patients.

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