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David A. Miles, Ph.D. is a leadership author, experienced trainer, international speaker, and is passionate about developing people in all levels of an organization from executives and management to professionals and staff.  Dave knows that developing your greatest resource produces results for your organization.

Dave is a professional trainer and speaker who holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Human Resource Development.  He has conducted training and presented across the United States and spoken by invitation in both Oxford, UK and in Singapore.

Dave is also a non-physician healthcare professional with decades of experience in emergency and critical care transport medicine and is well versed in the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment.  Performing and managing under extremely stressful and high-stakes circumstances for years, he can help you, your team, and your organization do the same.

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Dr. Dave is a member of the Cebollero & Associates team of professional consultants and coaches and serves as their VP of Leadership & Human Resource Development.

Chris Cebollero is the Senior Partner at Cebollero & Associates, the author of the Best Selling book - "Ultimate Leadership: 10 Rules for Success" and is a member of the John Maxwell Team.





Dave is a member of the John Maxwell Team and is a speaker | trainer | coach | consultant with the team.  He is licensed to provide a variety of content from the John Maxwell library.

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